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BRYANT:Controlling the spotlight


In a year full of Lakers injuries and suspensions, Kobe Bryant centers his attention on the team's past fun times, as well as possible future feats.

April 03, 2007|By Steve Virgen

A: No, I don't think so. The game is so different now than it was when Wilt [Chamberlain] scored 100 points. I just don't see it being possible.

Q: What's your opinion of the NBA rule that says high school graduates must play at least one year of college ball?

A: You can make the argument both ways. Personally, it worked well for me and worked well for [Tracy] McGrady and LeBron [James] and a bunch of others, but there are also cases where it didn't.


I think it's good that kids are going to college. I think it makes the college game exciting. The education part is something you can always have. You don't have to go to college as soon as you come out of high school, some kids travel to Europe.

Q: Why did you pick Newport Coast to live?

A: I really don't know. It's a great area. It's peaceful. People don't seem to bother you too much. It's a great area. You're in the middle of everything. You got Disneyland down the street, you have Knott's [Berry Farm] and you got the beach. You got pretty much everything you want.

Q: What was your lowest moment in the NBA?

A: Losing is always tough. Not making the playoffs for the first time in my career a couple years ago was tough. But you have to bounce back from that.

Q: What was your highest moment in the NBA?

A: You have to go back to winning championships. That's the most fun.

Q: How do you want to be remembered?

A: As a champion. Plain and simple. A champion.

Q: Who's your vote for MVP? (asked with reporters)

A: I would probably give it to Dirk [Nowitzki] just because his team is having such a magnificent year. They could win 70 games depending on how they finish out. He's having a terrific season. I know he has worked extremely hard from where his career started to where he is now. I would vote for him.

Q: Don't you think you deserve it?

A: That's not how it's being voted. You have to have the best record in the league or one of the best records in the league. Maybe that time will come for us in the near future.

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