WEEK:CdM twins cause double vision


LACROSSE: Sisters, Addison and Alex, lead Sea Kings by competing with each other to see who's the best.

March 17, 2007|By David Carrillo PeƱaloza

The Hoover twins are the divas of high school lacrosse.

Don't ask Addison or Alex who's more talented with the stick for Corona del Mar High. A fight might break out between these identical twins.

Competition has provoked the 16-year-olds to go at it in the past.

Maybe you've seen them before, where they jump off the couch to tackle each other, then throw each other up against the wall before rolling around the ground to pull each other's hair out.


They've acted it out while fighting for the phone.

Can you believe all of this played out on national TV?

The junior twins are used to the spotlight as they're actors.

The Hoovers have appeared in a handful of national commercials as well as starred in the popular soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful," and the 200th episode of "ER."

If you haven't seen them on the tube, you can catch their act up close and live during girls' lacrosse games.

The striking 5-foot-8, 120-pound blondes are always up for standout performances. Give them a shot and Addison and Alex will most likely score. They have in four of Corona del Mar's first five games.

In the Sea Kings' CIF debut last week, the twins finished with identical goal totals — five. And they found the back of the net against their former team, Newport Harbor.

The Hoovers led Corona del Mar to a 19-5 rout at Davidson Field. That's the field they had planned to star on this year after taking a break from acting to focus on lacrosse, which they plan to pursue in college.

Or so they thought they were going to Newport Harbor until they said they moved in with their mother Susan, who lives near Corona del Mar, after their parents divorced.

"On the first day of school we were driving to [Newport] Harbor, and my mom called us, and was like, 'Where did you guys go?'" Alex said. "We're like, 'It's the first day of school.' She was like, 'You're going to CdM, your appointment with your counselor is at 9 at CdM.'

"We started flipping out. We knew people from CdM, but we didn't like them."

The Hoovers knew the feeling was mutual. The twins, who have been playing lacrosse for six years, are so chic that in the lacrosse circles people dubbed them "The Lacrosse Twins."

Everyone wanted a piece of these so-called prima donnas who have been in the entertainment business since age 11, but they're far from being vain. Behind the camera, yes.

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