EDITOR:The deserving defeat the demanding in race for control of Costa Mesa council


November 16, 2006

The election is over, the ballots are cast, the people of Costa Mesa have taken back their future.

While the people of Costa Mesa will continue to welcome outside investors, these projects will have to pass muster and lend themselves to the benefit of all affected parties. The residents of Costa Mesa have defeated the union financed coup.

The days of our planning commissioners granting conditional-use permits for projects that would never see the light of day in another community are gone.


No more phony "upscale" oil change shops, no more phony "high end" liquor stores in areas overburdened with the availability of alcohol. No more tricky developers touting their "pride of ownership" condo conversions that do not even meet minimal standards.

No more rundown motels masquerading as affordable housing units. No more "welcome home" for the criminals of Orange County.

No more affordable housing projects dedicated to the needy souls of San Clemente

No more "ghettos" in the name of charity.

Perhaps I hope for too much for us, but now the deserving of Costa Mesa can take the place of the demanding.

Congratulations to the people of Costa Mesa.


Costa Mesa

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