Youth Soccer

October 22, 2006

AYSO Region 97

Girls under 12 (APP)

Newport Breakers 1, Lake Forest 0: Kelsey Long scored on an assist from Madison Mastera. Sarah Daly, Paige Tennison, Hannah Nance and Brinley Siemonsma also had shots for Newport, and midfielders Taury Hlinka, Katherine Maddox, Kirsten Rohan and Madison Mastera allowed Newport to control the game. Defensive players Hannah Roman, Mollie Friend and Alexandra Steiner teamed with goalies Layne More and Kirsten Rohan on the shutout. Newport firmed up second place in the Advance Play Program league.

Girls under 12

Double Bubble 3, Kiwi Krushers 1: Alyssa Barnett, Sara Bradbury and Michelle Brookes all scored goals for Double Bubble. Outstanding offense led by Katie Gaitan, Lauren Halle, Alex Palmer and Carly Strutner showed fantastic passing skills. Midfielders Kailen Locke, Lauren Yee, Brittany Walker and Dana Siegel played strong defense for Double Bubble, and Breyanna Komadina and Sydney Elliott-Brand covered the backfield.


Girls under 8

Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. The Sharks: Siena Amoroso, Heather Roberts and Julia Ackerman continually challenged the Sharks for the Peppers in a defensive battle. Lauren Henke and Rayna Richardson pushed the ball up the field to the Chili Pepper offense. Julie Doyle made several excellent dribbling runs, but the only Pepper score came from Erika Ellis after a Shark goal kick.

Boys under 8

Blue Lightning vs. Red Devils: Peter Rollins and Tony Morales led the Lightning with a goal each. Rollins, Morales, Sean Liam McCarthy, Isaiah Elzie and Andy Guadarrama all tested the Red Devils goalies with shots on goal. The Devils stepped up their attack, but terrific efforts by Timothy O'Shea, T.J. Morton, Curtis Meyer and Lucas Contreras held them at bay. Lightning goalies Guadarrama, McCarthy, Contreras and Elzie helped hold the Devils scoreless.

Irish Bulldogs vs. Hot Tamales: Zach Durham and A.J. Roth both scored first-quarter goals for the Bulldogs, with Cameron Fournier. Fara Lependu, Fournier and Siemonsma all added second-half goals. Robbie Gehring displayed good ball-handling skills on both offense and defense, while Colin Avary, Alex Davis, Jack McClintock and Tom Phillips worked together to form a solid Bulldog defense.

Boys under 7

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