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Week in Review

September 24, 2006

The last of three rides slated for removal at the Balboa Fun Zone didn't get taken out Wednesday after a Temecula museum decided not to take the Scary Dark Ride. The other two — the bumper cars and the Drummer Boy ride — were in various states of deconstruction last week.

The rides are departing to make way for the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum's new facility, which will be built over the next five years. Fun zone ride operator Joe Tunstall will continue to run the Ferris wheel through 2030, and the carousel could remain for several more years.

  • The city held a meeting Wednesday to address residents' concerns about a project that would keep Pelican Hill Road South closed for two more years. The Irvine Co. closed the road in January, with the City Council's approval, to build a resort to serve the Pelican Hill golf course.

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    Some residents worried that continuing the road closure might increase the danger to them if a fire started in the nearby canyon, but others want the road closed to keep construction vehicles away from passenger cars.

    The City Council will take up the Irvine Co.'s request in October.


    "Sometimes, Mrs. Tift looked through magnifying glasses to see the best in each student. She chose her glasses wisely."

    — Karen Selby, a teacher at Eastbluff Elementary School, in tribute to 31-year-old Eastbluff teacher Candace Tift, who was killed in August

    "We interviewed all of them [the candidates] and felt that they [planning commissioner Bruce Garlich and former councilman Mike Scheafer] were the best representatives. It wasn't an easy decision to make."

    Chris Walk, president of the Costa Mesa Police Assn., on the union's decision to endorse Garlich and Scheafer over Mayor Allan Mansoor, an Orange County Sheriff's deputy, in November's City Council election

    "As a deputy sheriff, I understand and support law enforcement and Costa Mesa police officers. My union opposed Proposition 75 in the special election, but I took a stand in support of it, as did Gov. Schwarzenegger and most Costa Mesa voters. The union bosses are now paying me back."

    Allan Mansoor, mayor of Costa Mesa, on the police union's endorsement of his rivals

    "I hold out a high hope that the new ownership will really take a good personal and aggressive interest in Triangle Square, because it can be a gem, just a great business focal point for the area. I think its an interesting concept, and it could revitalize that center entirely if the city is really interested."

    Ed Fawcett, president of the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce, on the sale of 191,000-square-foot Triangle Square mall

    "It scared me. love spinach — I'm not crazy about vegetables — and spinach is how I get my dark, leafy vegetables, so I was upset."

    Julie Neglia, of Costa Mesa, on the warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration about E. coli bacteria found in fresh spinach

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