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Ways to make the news


September 22, 2006|By TOM JOHNSON

That year Amanda, who was in the hearts of most, was recognized as No. 1.

There has also been a group of people recognized. When Newport Beach City Councilman Dick Nichols stuck his foot in his mouth and complained of the "Mexicans invading the grass at our local shores," you can imagine the uproar it caused. That year we recognized Mexicans.

But with all that said, here's where you, our readers, come into play. Each year we struggle to determine the most deserving. At the publication of the section we do a follow-up and ask you how we did? Who did we miss? Who was on it that shouldn't have been?


This year I thought we'd try something new. I'm asking you for input on this year's list.

We can certainly figure out the naturals.

What we're looking for are the not-so-obvious choices.

There are people active in our communities, involved in our schools, people who through their influence are making a difference.

Maybe it's someone in a church, the political arena, a business person.

If you know someone and believe they are worthy, e-mail me with their name and a line or two of why. Send it to

And don't forget to read your Daily Pilot. Maybe this year, you'll make the list.

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