Keeping an eye on Cyclops

Kids Talk Back

May 30, 2006

The Daily Pilot asked sixth-graders at Kaiser Elementary School, "What's your favorite part of Greek mythology?"

"The Cyclops, where he gets blinded in the eye by Odysseus."

Max Barrera, 12, Costa Mesa

"I kind of like the morals of the stories. It gives a lesson, but as you learn them, you get an adventure."

Savanah Melo, 12, Costa Mesa

"I liked learning about the characters. It's interesting, because they have the same characteristics as humans, and they go through the same emotions."


Rachael Salas, 12, Newport Beach

"I like the adventure of learning new cultures and learning stuff you haven't known before."

Nicole Rabens, 12, Costa Mesa

"I like the comedies and how they'd take current political events and make a joke out of them."

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