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Immigration reform worth backing

On The Town

May 17, 2006|By STEVE SMITH

"Border security and internal enforcement must be in place before we talk about those who are here," Hull said.

So, just when I thought I was finally going to get an answer to my question, Hull took a step back, and it seemed as though we wouldn't be addressing this very important point.

Then she outlined the domestic agenda for reducing the number of illegal immigrants who are living here.

"We have to minimize a lot of the attractions to illegal immigrants," Hull said. "We have to eliminate birth citizenship and chain immigration. We have to stop all benefits and have rigorous enforcement of existing laws. We have to have employer sanctions," fines or jail for those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.


Hull also supported deportation for illegal immigrants who commit any type of crime, whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor.

"The ties [that keep illegal immigrants here] have not been cut," Hull said. "We need to start clamping down at the border, reduce the 'carrots' we are handing out, enforce employer sanctions and reduce our aiding and abetting."

I asked Hull if she favored raids on factories that are suspected of hiring illegal immigrants.

"Yes," she replied.

I asked if she were in favor of wholesale sweeps of suspected illegal immigrants in their homes.

"No," she said. "The proper sequence of these things will reduce the numbers through attrition."

So there you have it. No home raids, no street sweeps. Cut off schooling, access to hospitals and all forms of government aid. The number of illegal immigrants will go down.

This plan may not sit well with those who can't wait a year or more to begin to rid the country of illegal immigrants. Hull's plan takes time, and for some, their 15 minutes of fame will be gone.

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