April 02, 2006

Doing nothing will make illegal immigration worse

Without effective border control and enforcement of our laws, whatever "Band-Aid" regulations are passed by our "do nothing" politicians, the current 12 million illegal immigrants will significantly increase and create even bigger problems.

Those who are against border security and law enforcement encourage foreigners to enter the U.S. illegally, and once here they are encouraged to flout our laws. By flouting our laws they burden law-abiding citizens with significant legal, health care, education and welfare expenses.


Those who encourage amnesty within five years will have created problems twice the magnitude that we presently face. Those who incite breaking our laws will create a generation of illegal immigrants who will have learned little respect for law and order.


Newport Beach

Marina would bring business to town

The majority of people that use the Newport Pier and surrounding beaches, the Balboa Pier, grass areas, barbecues, toilets and showers are visiting from other cities and counties. Most bring their coolers with food and beverages for the day. Most bring their own recreational toys.

They all must pay for parking; however, what other money do they spend while in our city? They leave us with their trash. Check out the Newport or Balboa piers on a Monday morning at 6 a.m. following a warm summer weekend.

Another park at Marinapark would attract the same visitors. Newport Beach, with its marine heritage, needs more facilities to attract local and guest mariners. These guests and locals will contribute more to the economy of our area. They will support our local businesses.


Newport Beach

Citizens of the year, and very influential indeed

Dennis O'Neil is deserving of being the Newport Beach Citizen of the Year ("Ex-mayor on shoulder of giants," March 25).

Not unnoticed is that almost all of the previous honorees mentioned in the article were also on the Daily Pilot's "103 Most Influential" list.

Keep up the good work.


Newport Coast

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