o7The following took place at the Oct. 4 meeting of the...

October 14, 2005|By:

o7The following took place at the Oct. 4 meeting of the Laguna Beach

City Council.



The council approved another extension of the declaration of

emergency for the June 1 landslide, and allocation of $2,775 to James

Moore and John Gustafson from funds donated for the landslide



Mayor Elizabeth Pearson-Schneider said housing has been found for

18 months for six families displaced by the Flamingo Road landslide

and for one year for one family.


Carolyn Wood brought a gift for the council -- a podium light so

overhead lights can be doused during slide presentations, improving

television viewing. Wood also requested a public workshop on the

Senior/Community Center.


Councilwoman Toni Iseman's request that the City Council approve

a bench and plaque in honor of retiring Police Chief James

Spreinewas approved by acclamation.

The request originated with members of the HIV Committee, for whom

Spreine has served as staff liaison.


Georgina Valdez voiced concern about the rodent population

downtown, particularly on Forest Lane.

The council approved:

* settlement of a claim by Sandra Monahan, whose vehicle was

damaged when a fire engine backed into it in August. The claim was

for $6,000, the exact amount to be determined when repairs are

completed and vehicle rental is added;

* general warrants of $2,047,996.84 and a $589,934.38 payroll;

* revocable license and encroachment permits at 320 Moss St. and

455 Legion St.;

* a $251,300 contract to VanDell and Associates for the design of

fiscal year 2005-06 street rehabilitation project;

* acceptance of a $100,000 Federal Citizens Option for Public

Safety grant to pay part of the salaries of two police officers hired

under the program;

* guidelines for artist-designed benches at the Laguna Beach

branch of the Orange County Library;

* a lot line adjustment for properties at 31451 and 31456 Coast


* authorization for the city manager to sign an agreement with

Caltrans for construction of a traffic signal on Laguna Canyon Road

at the Arts Festival grounds. The construction probably will not

begin until December of 2006.


The council approved a bid for parcel 644-467-16 in Arch Beach Heights, which is in the process of being sold for back taxes. The

minimum bid on the nonlegal building site is $3,750, the money to

come from the city's open-space fund, which has a balance of slightly

more than $500,000.


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