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FOOTBALL Newport Mesa Jr. All-American Junior...

October 12, 2005|By:

Nicole Perrier all connected on goals early. On defense, Maddie

Erdossy, Kelsey Pearson, Jamie Darling, Megan Farley and Taylor

Morgan kept the ball out of the goal. Karli Leal had a great save as

goalkeeper in the first half. Then she scored the fourth goal in the

third quarter. Page Keys had an assist to Katie Gaiton for the final

goal. Kelly Torres, Kendall Walker and Sara Hamilton made several

great plays for the victory.


Bad News Butterflies 2, Queen Bees 1: Page Keys made an assist to

Katie Ayala for the first goal. Kelsey Person, Taylor Morgan, Maddie

Grant, Kelly Torres and Nicole Perrier sparked the offensive

attackfor the Butterflies. Karli Leal's goal came on a penalty kick

in the second half. Megan Farley, Jamie Darling and Mattie Erdossy

shined on defense. Christine Lugo, Kendall Walker, Katie Gaitan and

Sara Hamilton's passing and dribbling assisted the Butterflies in

their win.

Girls under 10

Banana Splits 1, Bulldogs 0: Kate Yasko scored a goal with an

assist by Nikki Leal. Goalkeepers Britney Myers and Kristen Kiehnle

shut out the Bulldogs. Katya Farinsky, Ryan Sweeney and Natalie Teale

provided Solid defense. Isabel Leveque, Kennedy Erdossy, Madison

Mines and Dakota Mitchell controlled the midfield supporting both

offense and defense.

Crazy Eights 5, Blue Lightning 1: Goalkeepers Kellie Melendres and

Alex Vaszquez held the Lightning to only one goal. Analysa Vivanco

and Reo Nathan scored two goals for the Eights. Julia Frei and Riley

Rickman played aggressively at midfield. Mackenzie Gaddis broke away

for the final goal. Jessica Ochoa, Jenna Jarvis and Rachel Whitelegge

provided great defense.

Purple People Eaters 3, Surfer Girls 1: Goals by Molly Manser,

Makayla Swies and Mallory Gyulay lifted the Purple People Eaters.

Great defense by Breyanna Komadina-Ripke and Gyulay kept the Surfer

Girls out of the goal area most of the game.

Cotton Candy Crew 5, Dominators 0: On offense, Kenya Avilia and

Natalie Ward each scored two goals. Avilia started the scoring on an

assist from Nadine Lefler in the first quarter. Cassidy Davis's pass

to Ward added one more goal. Defensively, goalkeeper Taylor

Kalatschan and defenders Evelyn Stephans and Erin Barth played well.

Midfielder Matilda Higman scored the final goal for the Crew.

Boys under 10

Newport Mesa Mavericks 4, Corona del Mar 2: Montgomery Faigan

scored three goals for the Mavericks. Faigan scored his first with an

assist from Baron Davis in the first quarter. Jack Binford took two

breakaways the full length of the field.

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