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Newport Mesa Jr. All-American

Junior division

Baldwin Hills Bruins 32, Newport Mesa Silver Seahawks 14: Quest

Truxton completed passes to wide receivers Matt McKinnon, Adam

Freeman, Sage Fleming and Cole Collins in the second quarter.

Fullback Brody Richter and ran behind the line of William Somekh,


Teddy Somekh, Kobe Benter, and Brandon Hauser for a 40 yard score.

Defensively, linemen Brian Leguay Chad Sheldon, Trevor Branca and

Dominic Komadina and linebackers and defensive backs: Colton Benter,

Alex Fuller, Will Eury, Jacob Fisher, Isaiah Davis and Cole Collins

sewed up the defensive line. Next up the Silver Seahawks play a road

game Saturday at South County at noon.


Seahawks 26, Garden Grove 7:

The Seahawks controlled the Falcons on both sides of the ball

Saturday in Garden Grove. The defense of JP Pilz, Taro Doone, Levi

Stillman and Jeff Carlyle each made tackles for losses. Tate Smith

and Ian Landt had fumble recoveries. Ellery Sever, Nick Blanda, Clay

Woodward and Colin Duffy played well to anchor the Seahawk defense.

Quarterback Chase Forrest threw two touchdowns. Stillman, and Kurt

Walde caught each caught a touchdown. Adrain Marin caught an 8-yard

pass for the scoring conversion. Fullback Colby Koste rounded out the

scoring with a conversion, and had 30 yards on the ground. Chris

Johnstone, Dylan Rand-Luby, Kyle Benter and Cas Orr all contributed

to the rushing attack. The offensive line of Brady Morgan, Max Carr,

Duffy, Nick Smith, Kevin Manchester, Doone, and Mark Manchester

ignited the offense. The Seahawks play Bellflower Saturday on the


Jr. Clinic

Blue Seahawks 13, South Gate Rams 6: The Blue Seahawks defenders

were the stars of the game Saturday. Keaton Cablay, Steven Cureton,

Chase Davis, Charlie Padden, Anthony Batista, Blake Olinger and

Keisean South anchored the defense backfield. The defensive lineman:

Marcus Champion, William Bright, Hampton Irwin, Jameson Smith and

Sina Sadri held the Rams until late in the second quarter. Grant

Nutt, Griffin Cribbs, Dane Valdivia, Garrett Godber and Batista

stopped the hard charging Rams.

Quarterback Chase Davis, running backs Keaton Cablay, Anthony

Batista and Steven Cureton gained significant yardage behind the

blocking of Hampton Irwin, Thomas Winkle, Sam Woodward, Nicholas

Sperr, Nicholas Guizan and Curtis McMackin. The Seahawks face the

Woodcrest Generals this Saturday.


AYSO Region 97

Girls under 12

Bad News Butterflies 5, Dolphins 0: Katie Ayala, Maddie Grant and

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