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Faith brings family together

October 05, 2005|By: Elia Powers

fundraising chair. Ygal took over from her. Now the couple's son,

Coby, is charged with running the capital campaign.

Coby Sonenshine, who lives in Newport Beach with his wife,

Allyson, attended preschool and religious school at Temple Bat Yahm.

His sons, 5-year-old Solomon and 2-year-old Max, are now at different

stages of their temple education.

Any time there's a major family occasion, it happens at the


temple. And every time the event ends, Ygal Sonenshine hands out a

silver cup to one of his kin, with a written message to uphold Jewish


"It's something you don't need to be taught," he said. "Passing a

tradition from one generation to another is vital."

Kerri and Allyson Sonenshine, who both married into the family,

said it's a trademark of the family.

Coby Sonenshine has done his part. By showing his son, Solomon,

how to position his mouth on the shofar, Coby indirectly taught him

how to play.

"It's really fun ... I just kind of learned," Solomon said Tuesday

as he showed off his new skill to temple congregants.

Ygal Sonenshine's other grandchild, 3-year-old Maggie, might be

next to learn the tradition. The family owns three shofars.

"And it's soon to be an expanded collection," Allyson Sonenshine

said. o7


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