City Hall location not wise land-use choice I have...

September 28, 2005|By:

City Hall location not wise land-use choice

I have read many articles regarding the new-city-hall controversy

in the Daily Pilot. I have to side with those who are very much

against the funding of this very expensive building. Costs are always

more than first anticipated, and this initial amount already seems


There are many buildings the city could rent that would be very


appropriate and economical. The property where City Hall is now could

be sold to developers, as it is a prime piece of real estate, and

those profits could be used to pay this rent amount for many years.

City Hall employees don't need to have their offices in such an area

as Balboa Peninsula.

That is a place for homes, shopping areas and restaurants. Most

all of us working Newport people have our offices in commercial

areas, and that is where the city employees should be also.

Spend money to improve Newport Beach, rather than give a few city

employees an unnecessary "palace" to work in only during the work

week. The rest of the week, the building would be vacant, with no one

enjoying the building or the location.

That beautiful piece of land close to the water and beaches needs

to be enjoyed more than just 25% of the time.


Newport Beach

Retrofit City Hall, but don't add parking

Regarding the current publicity stating that the residents of

Newport Beach are not making themselves sufficiently heard regarding

plans for a new City Hall: I e-mailed a letter several weeks ago

stating my ideas on the subject, which I have not heard mentioned. I

think they are worth repeating.

Yes to a new city hall at the same location.

No to a parking structure, which is expensive and not popular.

Retrofit the present building and add a three- or four-story curved

building behind it with a patio in between. Put parking on the entire

first floor of the building with offices, storage and such on upper

floors. And the fire station should be new, improved and on the same


Please give these ideas some serious consideration.


Balboa Peninsula

There are plenty who oppose hall plan

Of course, the groups against the planned civic center are not

overestimating the opposition. We're a very easygoing, very loving,

very kind community. What the city is doing is building this Taj

Mahal for itself. We have more employees for the city of Newport

Beach than any other city our size. There is no reason -- with what

we have in Newport Center and what we have located in our community

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