We are becoming the MTV Laguna It becomes...

September 16, 2005|By:

We are becoming the MTV Laguna

It becomes increasingly frustrating to read the letters and

articles in our local papers these days, as they continue to reflect

the changing climate in our beloved town.

This is made crystal clear by the ongoing griping about "view

loss" as displayed on the cover article in last week's Coastline



I'm not surprised Chris Toy is in shadow in the photo -- I'd be

ashamed to show my face too if I lived in such splendor and was

complaining about view loss. Look at that photo! Have you any idea

how many millions of people in this country, state, etc. would give

their eye teeth to have even part of what so many have in Laguna? Not

to mention those who have o7nothingf7.

Mention is made of vintage photos of Laguna with virtually no

trees -- well guess what? There weren't any o7housesf7 either! I've

got a great idea for view restoration/preservation -- tear down all

the houses on those hills so o7myf7 view isn't blocked!

The selfishness and greed taking over this town from within and

without sickens me -- we are slowly but surely becoming MTV's version

of Laguna Beach.

On a related note, when our City Council continues to waste

millions of dollars on endless studies, projects, etc. while

continuing to ignore the basics, much less the underprivileged and

elderly, I do not believe every person in Laguna should pay an extra

tax to fix Bluebird Canyon -- regardless of when you built or

purchased your home. If you live there, you belong to the haves --

you choose to live up there, and Laguna chooses to allow it. The city

and the people who choose to live in that area need to come up with a

way to repair and winterize the canyon without taxing the rest of us

or selling off property that makes a difference to our citizens.

There is no excuse for our city to not have funds put away as well

as plans for the inevitable "rainy day." It amounts to incompetence,

too much living on champagne with a beer budget.

Let's be thankful for what we have, and work to preserve the

compassion, atmosphere and consciousness that made Laguna what it

once was!

And how about placing some displaced gulf victims in some of these

beautiful, large homes?


Laguna Beach

Experts needed in financial crisis

With the terrible news from FEMA on the slide, I think we need to

regroup, get outside expert financial assistance and decide the right

steps to take in solving this problem.

However, I do not think we have the financial expertise in the

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