Sailing through boating lessons

July 19, 2005

The Daily Pilot asked participants in the Sailing on the Bay Camp:

"What's the most fun part of learning to sail?"

"That would be capsizing. We get to do drills."

Michael Davis, 13, Newport Beach.

"My favorite part is going out with a teacher and learning the


Makenna Zur Schmiede, 10, Laguna Beach.


"My favorite part is when we do the capsizing drills."

Zoe Friedenrich, 10, Laguna Beach.

"The most fun part would probably be tacking when the wind is

really strong."

Dana Lowry, 12, Newport Beach.

"My favorite part is when you pull the main so much that you tip

over a little and get a lot of water inside."

-- Jose Enrique Fontao, 8, Huntington Beach.

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