Always lock car doors after entering or leaving your car...

July 14, 2005

* Always lock car doors after entering or leaving your car. Don't

leave valuables in plain view.

* Have your car keys in your hand and check the back seat area

before entering your car.

* If you think you are being followed, drive to a public place or

to a police or sheriff's station.

* Hang up on obscene, threatening or nuisance calls. Make a police


report if they continue. Do not have your phone number printed on

your personal checks. Try to provide only a business number.

* Your best defense is to be prepared -- know your options ahead

of time. Your safety may depend upon your ability to stay cool and


* The No. 1 killer of teenagers, before they go to college, is

alcohol-related highway accidents.

* About one-third of local arrests involve alcohol. Alcohol abuse

impairs judgment, causes injuries and kills.

* Pay attention to your intuition and instinct. If something just

feels wrong, it usually is.

* Use a purse with a shoulder strap. Carry it with the side that

opens toward you. Hold your purse securely.

* Park away from vans or cars with someone waiting around. Keep a

"Call Police" sign under the front seat of your car.

* If someone signals that something is wrong with your car, drive

to the nearest service station to check it. Do not stop and get out

of your car.

* Never leave an extra key under the door mat, above the door,

under a flower pot, etc. Leave one with a trusted neighbor.

* Have a light on in the room where you are and have a light on in

a room where you are not. It gives the impression that there is more

than one person at home.

* List your name on the mailbox and in the phone book with first

initial and last name only.

* Discuss safety plans with family, friends, neighbors, children

and baby-sitters.

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