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Wilson gave his heart and soul to making...


December 30, 2004

books on subjects such as philosophy, literature, Marxism and

critical legal studies. According to a short bio on the university's

website, Derrida has influenced philosophical debates throughout the

world and paved the way for new ideas in critical theory.


A high school youth pastor at the Newport Mesa Christian Center,

Janzen died suddenly on Nov. 13. He was 42. Janzen, an Irvine


resident, had been involved in youth ministry for the last 20 years.


A veteran Orange County newsman who worked at the Daily Pilot for

more than two decades as a reporter and copy editor, Barker died Nov.

18 after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 73. Barker began his

journalism career as a sportswriter in 1957 at the Garden Grove

Evening News, later doing stints at a number of newspapers as a copy

editor, managing editor and reporter covering county and city

government, mostly in Huntington Beach. Barker was known around

Huntington Beach City Hall as much for his hard-nosed,

muckraking-style exposes as he was for his softhearted features,

which he filed for the Pilot for more than 20 years.


Scientists in December examined and buried the second of two

bottlenose dolphins that inhabited Newport Harbor since July.

Biologists believe the dolphin -- named Dex -- died Nov. 23, which

means it floated around in the bay for more than a week before it was

found. Marine mammal remains usually have a 48-hour window before

they're considered useless for examination, but the dolphin was well

preserved by frigid bay waters, experts said. Scientists and students

took samples of the dolphin's brain, blubber, muscle, kidney, liver

and skin and hope to get them analyzed for meningitis and priority

pollutants, including dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, commonly known

as DDT, and metals. OCC's marine science students took duplicate

samples, so they can conduct their own research, and took turns

assisting their professor with the necropsy procedure by cutting away

muscle tissue from bone. The findings could also shine light on the

death of Sandy, thought to be an older and bigger dolphin, found dead

in late September but too badly decomposed to determine why it died.

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