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Wilson gave his heart and soul to making...


December 30, 2004

carpentry and were paid only 60 cents an hour. Albers, a 61-year

Costa Mesa resident, died May 30. He was 84. Hired as the college's

carpenter on Feb. 1, 1948, Albers was given only 8 1/2 months to get

the campus ready for classes in the fall. He and his crew turned

barracks into classrooms, offices and lecture halls. One of the

biggest challenges was turning the air base service club into a

college gym. That gym was used by OCC athletes for 13 years. It was moved to Vanguard University in 1962, where it is still in use.


Albers worked for OCC for 33 years, until his retirement in 1981. He

was campus carpenter for the first year, then served as director of

maintenance and operations for 32 years.


She was like the "Queen Mum" for Rose Queens. It makes sense. She

was the oldest surviving Rose Queen. And for 73 years, Rose Queens

looked up to Balthis as their glorious predecessor. Balthis died on

July 30 of natural causes at her home in Laguna Beach. She was 95.

She was originally from Los Angeles, moved to Newport Beach in 1957

with her husband, Frank Balthis, a Los Angeles County Superior Court

judge. The couple lived in Bayshores but moved to Laguna Beach in



A Newport Harbor High graduate who went on to become an NBA star,

Yardley died Aug. 12 at his Newport Beach home with all of his family

members at his bedside. The NBA Hall of Famer would have been 76 in

November. The gregarious Yardley, who stood 6 feet 5 and never did

anything without flair, succumbed to a battle with Lou Gehrig's

disease. Yardley's career in the NBA lasted just seven years, and he

was named an All-Star six times as he dominated on and off the floor

with his spectacular play and constant upbeat nature. He left the

game at the young age of 31 for two reasons. First, he wanted to come

home. He promised his wife that they would settle in California once

the children reached school age. Second, even though an All-Star, he

was convinced he could make a better living for his family as a

businessman, thanks to an engineering education at Stanford, where he

was a walk-on basketball player for the Indians aside from his



A prominent philosopher of the 20th century and a UC Irvine

professor of philosophy, Derrida died Oct. 8 of pancreatic cancer at

the age of 74. Derrida, founder of the school of deconstructionism,

was a UCI distinguished professor of philosophy, French and

comparative literature since 1986. He was the author of more than 50

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