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Wilson gave his heart and soul to making...


December 30, 2004

future with the anticipation of a young woman with her whole life yet

to live. Plummer died the morning of May 13 from cancer she knew

would be fatal. She was 79. Plummer grew up in Newport Beach and was

living on Newport Island when she won a seat on the City Council in

1980, representing West Newport and the Balboa Peninsula. At the

time, developments were cropping up in the undeveloped parts of town,

and city officials were cutting deals with developers to require them


to build parks and other infrastructure. But those parks and

improvements were all going into the newer parts of town, and Plummer

believed older West Newport should enjoy some of the improvements,

too. In 12 years on the council, which included a term as mayor from

1989 to 1990, Plummer also helped get restrooms built on the beach in

West Newport as well as bus shelters and street improvements

throughout the area.


Hundreds of admirers gathered in June at the Richard Nixon Library

to say goodbye to the intellectual businessman and philanthropist,

who died May 18 at the age of 104. Nearly 400 gathered in the library

garden as speaker after speaker shared favorite memories of the

esteemed man, a longtime resident of Corona del Mar. Beckman was an

inventor, scientist and Renaissance man, whose name graces buildings

at universities throughout the country.


Newport lost its "Lifeguard Larry," Larry Capune, known for

paddling down U.S. coasts and showing movies at Dover Shores in the

summer. Capune died May 25 after months of battling cancer. He was

61. As a tribute, the Dover Shores community gathered to dedicate to

their lifeguard the 150-foot stretch of beach where Capune had kept a

watchful eye on swimmers, children and their parents. It was dubbed

"Larry's Beach," a fitting, albeit premature memorial to the man

residents say made an indelible mark on their lives.


Reynosa was looking forward to the birth of his and his wife

Dinora's first child when Rafael, a Marine, was killed by a car bomb

explosion in Iraq on May 29. Patti Lanni, a Dover Shores resident who

read Reynosa's story in the Daily Pilot, couldn't go about her life

without thinking of it. She talked to her friends and neighbors about

it, and finally, eight of them pitched in to buy a few things for

Reynosa's baby.


He transformed the Santa Ana Army Air Base into Orange Coast

College in less time than it takes to carry a baby. And he did it

with the help of amateurs -- 35 students, who were not trained in

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