Stressing the 'service' in service club

December 18, 2004


In the last issue of the KiwaniScope for the year, editor Jeff

Dimsdale took the liberty of doing what editors do -- writing an

editorial for the year. In the editorial, Dimsdale states:

"There are three kinds of Kiwanis clubs -- meet-greet-and-eat

clubs, give-'em-the-bucks clubs, and working-in-the-trenches clubs. A

healthy Kiwanis club has elements of all three. Where do we fall in


this spectrum? A couple of our members, whose commitment to Kiwanis

would never be questioned, do little service.

"I think that we'd all agree that Costa Mesa Kiwanis does a great

job in the meet-greet-and-eat and give-'em-the-bucks departments. But

how are we doing in service?

"I think we do a lot more here than people realize. So, at this

time of thanksgiving, here is a partial list of Kiwanis services for

which the community can be thankful (and proud).

* Anderson School Science Fair

* Adopt a Social Worker

* AYSO Pancake breakfast

* Athletes of the Month (monthly)

* ATSC Luncheon

* Boys and Girls Club Barbecue

* Circle-K, Key, and K-Kids weekly advisorships

* Costa Mesa High School Girls' Basketball Tournament

* Costa Mesa Police and Fire Expo

* Eagle Pride (quarterly)

* Hope of America

* Human Options Holiday Party

* K-Kids Halloween Carnival

* OCC Community Science Night

* Orange County Children's Book Festival

* Pediatric Trauma prevention

* Walk for Life Pancake Breakfast (Interclub with Irvine Club)

"So, you see, we're doing pretty well. What can you do to improve

this record?

"Note: If I omitted you favorite project from this list, I

apologize. Let me know and I'll add it in."

As you can see, the Kiwanis Club of Costa Mesa is an exceptional

service club for the community. Con- gratulations to them, and

continue to do great things in 2005.


Roger McGonegal, Rotary Reading by 9 chairman and a member of

Newport-Balboa, left a message on my answering machine after last

week's column, noting that I had given out the wrong address for

people to mail Reading by 9 donations to the Daily Pilot. Even my

editors missed it. So here is the correct address along with another

plug for supporting Reading by 9.

This year, Rotary Clubs of Newport-Balboa, Newport Irvine and

Newport Beach Sunrise are challenging Daily Pilot readers to match

$4,000 they are putting up to buy books for Pomona, Whittier and

Wilson Elementary Schools. Your $10 donation will be matched by the

Rotary clubs and by the publisher Scholastic to buy 11 reading books.

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