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She did her time on 'The Rock'

December 11, 2004

After we nearly starved after four months because there was

absolutely no work to be done, Fred worked for a short time as a

shill at the Golden Nugget.

Because they don't want tables to look empty, he'd be sitting at a

blackjack table or whatever, and one time we were down to our last

dollar, so we got two dollars by throwing it on the red on the

roulette wheel, and then we bought a dog.


We were just kids. Well, he was older than I; he was back from the


What kind of costume work did you do with the theater district?

Here's something interesting I learned in working with costumes.

You don't just pick out a costume you think that looks pretty on

whoever the performer is.

The costume itself has to move the story forward, it has to have

some meaning to what the person is portraying.

It's like a visual cue as to what you should interpret from this


Any favorite plays?

We did "Dracula" one year for Halloween, and that was the most

fun, because you can just really be outrageous.

What is it that drives you to the theater?

Color, costumes, expression. Whether it's comedy or drama, I lose

myself totally in the theater, lose myself. I love performing arts, I

go when I can.

It's just a world of imagination, I love theater. If I had a

little more guts, I'd be out there performing.

There's some elements of theater right here in this center, you

see a different drama everyday, if you keep your eyes open.

People meet, they fall in love, they have a fight, they divorce --

not divorce, but you know what I mean.

I've had friends that I made, I have a circle of friends that

sustained me through some tough times.

I've made all these friendships here with women. So it's women

here, activities supporting each other. I've got to give a plug for

my center.

This is just, really is, it's a wonderful place to come make

friends, and be entertained, be educated, be informed.

You feel like you're still contributing something.

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