Headline has a one-sided lean Your Nov. 3 headline...

November 10, 2004

Headline has a one-sided lean

Your Nov. 3 headline says "Early numbers grim for Marinapark." I

think you made a mistake, because after I read the article, it was

early numbers great for Marinapark. Are we seeing a little editorial

bias in your copy editing?


Costa Mesa


Measure L outcome

shows will of people

The results of the voting on the Marinapark Measure L showed how

unbelievably out of touch the Newport Beach City Council really is

with the people of Newport Beach. The fact that they forged ahead and

tried to bamboozle people is another sign. Hopefully, they got the



Newport Beach

Did voters miss

college news?

I definitely think the most shocking development between these

elections was the fact that Armando Ruiz got reelected to the Coast

Community College District board. It's kind of disturbing that the

electorate was so uninformed about that particular race that it would

reelect someone who is so shamelessly abusing the pension system.

It's quite shocking that the community didn't do its research -- very

well-publicized news story, lots of outspoken comment about Ruiz and

his scheme, and yet he's still reelected. It just goes to show that

many people don't pay attention and vote for the incumbent, and

that's very, very disappointing.


Costa Mesa

Bell, Wooden merit

the utmost praise

I would like to add my "Hurrah" to support Joseph Bell's columns.

Weekly I find that he reflects upon current events through history,

experience, morality, reality, courage, enthusiasm, self-control,

alertness, determination, skill, poise and confidence. This is truly

hard work, and I truly appreciate it!

The Bell Curve does not speak for the entire circulation of the

Daily Pilot, but isn't that part of what makes our country great?

Thank you to Coach John Wooden for his book "Inch and Miles" that

encouraged me to do my personal best and submit this letter.


Costa Mesa

'The OC' needs

Joe Bell's curve

What inspired me to write this letter was Joseph Bell's Oct. 28

column and the reader's responses to that column. Bell's vast

experiences, education, integrity, honor and intelligence is what

America is about. He is a pillar of free speech and patriotism.

Please don't stop your column. Orange County needs it.

Perhaps we could trade the young soldiers now serving in Iraq with

Lefteris Lavrakas of Costa Mesa and Mary Laughlin of Newport Beach.

They are gung ho for the policies of the Bush administration. I can

write to the White House and offer their names as volunteers for

Iraq. It's the least I could do for my country, and it could avoid

the draft. It could save our young people for the future of our


Are Lavrakas and Laughlin veterans of World War II or any other

war? Did they put their life on the line for this country? Or are

they similar to Dubya, Cheney, Rice, Rummy and Wolfie? Dubya was

AWOL, Cheney turned down the draft, and Rice, Rummy and Wolfie did

not serve. Hmm ....who is the hero?


Newport Beach

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