Discussion about church's growth continues to expand

August 29, 2004

Our community needs our St. Andrew's church and the services and

opportunities it provides to countless of adults, children and

families. There is a time in life to let go and yield.

Our people who are opposed to the expansion need to do this and

let St. Andrew's proceed with their plans. The church is a good place

for people. Some people are not looking at the big picture. We are

here to be of service to others and not just look that our needs be




Newport Beach

Scaling back the St. Andrew's building project to a level

supported by an updated assessment of needs should be approved. Any

gap between the "magical" 5,000-foot expansion ceded by neighborhood

critics and the studied needs to serve the community short changes

the city's interest in sound development.


Newport Beach

I would like to speak in favor of the St Andrew's current plan for

renovation. This does not enlarge our "footprint". We are going down.

St. Andrew's church is a wonderful family church. It is not a mega

church like Mariners. We just want to give a face lift to our church

and make it more inviting to families.

I have been a member of St Andrew's for eight years and it is

truly my church home.

Please allow us to continue serving our community.


Newport Coast

The Newport Beach Planning Commission should approve the request

for changes submitted by St. Andrew's church at its next meeting on

Sept. 23. By tearing down two existing buildings, digging out an

underground garage, adding underground storage and reconstructing the

two buildings, it is being noticed as an "expansion." While certainly

within the narrow meaning of the term, it is not really an

"expansion" in the sense of expanding beyond the existing property


More than 170 years ago, a French observer wrote "Democracy in

America," noting among other things, the strong basis of religion

that was the foundation of American democracy and the strong

propensity of Americans to enter into voluntary associations in order

to accomplish many diverse projects. (At that time, Americans

accomplished most of their governmental needs through local and state


We, who are members of the congregation at St. Andrew's, are

voluntarily using our money and time to provide improved services to

Newport Beach youth, particularly in afternoon hours that often lack

adult supervision. St. Andrew's has negotiated a compromise with the

neighbors reducing the plan by 24.4% in square footage. Now, it is

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