An airport at El Toro is the fairest answer

August 10, 2004

I think we need an international airport where we used to have a

military airport in the Irvine area. And we need to keep the Orange

County Fairgrounds where they are.

It's not just about the fair three weeks a year. It's about

activities for our community the other 49 weeks of the year,

including the swap meet. How could we make any money if they have to

build a new fairgrounds in Irvine, and why should Costa Mesa be left


high and dry? It makes me so upset that I can't even think clearly.

But we don't need to lose any more recreational space for families

from Costa Mesa.


Costa Mesa

Well, if you want the fair to die and everything else, sticking it

way out there in the boonies, all you have to do is look at a map and

see that it's absolutely impossible.

They're having enough trouble getting people to come to the fair

as it is. And besides, the marketplace on weekends has been part of

Costa Mesa forever, and I think everyone here would miss it,

especially at Christmas time.

And if the state wants $230 million, all they have to do is

somehow get the airport back at El Toro and, between industry and

cargo planes, they'd have their $230 million over and over and over

again. I mean, the whole thing is so ridiculous that a few people who

moved to the El Toro area when it was an airport already were able to

hire enough publicity people to convince all of Orange County that

there should not be an airport at El Toro. It's where it belongs.

And it's the only place, if you look at a map, that there's room,

with big cargo planes and industry. We're all going to become

poverty-stricken in Orange County -- and this whole part of

California -- if industry doesn't keep coming here. We need the money

so badly. They keep hotels from being built at the Back Bay when they

need commercial money there so badly. The place is becoming a dump

because there isn't the money there to keep it up nicely. And the

only way to have things nice is to have money for it, and you have to

have a way of earning that money.

What I'm saying has been said by many. I've read the same thing in

letters to the Daily Pilot, and no one pays any attention to logic

anymore. It's just totally ridiculous.


Costa Mesa

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