Little more time for KOCE foundation's...


August 08, 2004


A little more time for KOCE foundation's payment

Coast Community College District officials on Thursday agreed to

give the KOCE-TV Foundation another chance to come up with an

$8-million down payment to buy the station.

The fundraising arm of Orange County's only public broadcasting

channel missed a June 30 deadline to come up with the money. District


trustees voted to extend that deadline to Thursday because the

license transfer was still awaiting approval by the Federal

Communications Commission.

-- Marisa O'Neil


A Rose Queen honored, revered and remembered

Holly Halsted Balthis, hailed as the "Queen Mum" of Rose Queens,

died of natural causes in her Laguna Beach home. She was 95. Balthis

was the oldest surviving Rose Queen and won the honor in 1930 at a

time when she was given $10 to make her own gown. For 73 years, Rose

Queens looked up to Balthis as their glorious predecessor.

She was proud of the title she held. Balthis had a special

fondness for the Tournament of Roses and drove herself to all related

events. She had television interviews scheduled as recently as two

weeks before her death.

* As it turns out, people with official titles aren't the only

ones who take themselves seriously. Ski Meinschein is the

self-proclaimed "Birdman of Newport Beach." The West Newport man

lives for birds. For the last three years, he claims that he has been

visited by cliff swallows, denizens of Argentina that take a summer

vacation in Orange County.

Meinschein waits in his backyard for a pair of swallows to fly by

twice every day. He believes the swallows stop and do a loop when he

claps his hand softly for them. Meinschein used to entertain Newport

Beach Pier visitors with his collection of exotic birds, but he

retired from his labor of love for health reasons three years ago.

-- Deepa Bharath


D.A. files new complaints in Haidl gang-rape case

The Orange County district attorney on Friday filed a revised

version of the initial complaint in the trial of a high-profile

gang-rape case, hoping it would fetch a conviction the second time

around, officials said.

Prosecutors have filed nine felony complaints against Greg Haidl,

son of Orange County Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and

Keith Spann, including rape and oral copulation by intoxication,

sexual penetration by intoxication and assault with a deadly weapon

-- in this case a pool cue.

Prosecutors say the three defendants, all now 19, raped an

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