A public endorsement awakened

June 05, 2004


In response to Geoff West's letter to the editor Sunday ("Criticism

shows man behind the curtain"), I really don't know where to start.

West's claims are not only ridiculous but are also a libelous

personal attack against my character and that of Eric Bever. I was

surprised that the Pilot even printed such unsubstantiated baloney

that tries to paint me, Chris Steel and Eric Bever as a group that


does M.H. Millard's bidding.

Quite honestly, I was not even going to get involved in this

upcoming election, but when someone questions my character with

unfounded rhetoric, that's going too far. Everyone knows I am friends

with Eric Bever and that I would like to see him win, but I would

have to work with whoever gets elected, so I was not going to endorse


West has changed all of that. When Eric Bever decides to make his

official campaign announcement, he has my full support and

endorsement. I think West's comments tell us a lot about himself and

the candidates he will support this fall.

So, let's have a look at some of the candidates and the issues

that will be coming before us very shortly. After all, even Daily

Pilot Managing Editor S.J. Cahn said recently that during the last

election the issues were not addressed sufficiently.

West argued that Eric Bever and Chris Steel will "carry his

(Millard's) banner," and that along with Allan Mansoor they would

"implement his grand plan for the expulsion of Latino immigrants in

our midst."

Even West's letter acknowledged that "Millard's letter clearly

shows his viewpoint." For the record, it is illegal immigration of

any type that I am against, and I have complete respect for people of

any national origin when they come here legally, as both of my

parents did. I believe Eric Bever holds the same view.

I have also disagreed with Millard on numerous issues and been the

focal point of his criticism, as has Eric Bever. But let's get back

to the candidates and the issues, and where we differ. I say the

following with complete respect for anyone who runs for office, but I

am going to call it like I see it. West mentioned Chris Steel. Let me

just come out and say it. I cannot and will not support Chris Steel.

Chris Steel has flip-flopped on so many issues I cannot keep


First, he was for 1901 Newport, then against a revised version of

it. Now, he's voted for it again. Mr. Steel will bring an issue

forward and then vote against it. He will say something like: "I

don't like this, but I am going to vote for it anyway" or "I like

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