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War on terrorism has its supporters, as well...

April 27, 2004

Lolita Harper's April 23 column, "Casting the first stone at

non-Christian 'brothers,'" was a pip.

The fact that Daystar Network's "spokesman" wouldn't answer her

questions over the phone was downright strange. As was the e-mail

response to her written queries, which couldn't have been more opaque

if it had come from Donald Rumsfeld.

It's often said that God works in strange ways. So, apparently,


does Daystar.


Balboa Peninsula

A move from Costa Mesa to Great Park is not fair

This is regarding the fairgrounds moving ("Fairgrounds may move to

Great Park," April 24) and I am totally against it. The fairgrounds

needs to stay here. It's something that's always been a part of Costa

Mesa and offers us many different venues. I don't like the idea of it



Costa Mesa

Fairgrounds' relocation would be terrible move

I think moving the fair would be the most terrible thing to ever

happen to Costa Mesa ("Fairgrounds may move to Great Park," April

24). And I really think that's nothing but a politician trying to get

in good with Irvine. I think we should be very much against it.


Costa Mesa

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