Building Marinapark trumps opening another tattoo parlor...

February 15, 2004

Building Marinapark trumps opening another tattoo parlor

My wife and I have lived on the Balboa Peninsula for the past 15

years. We are disgusted with the decline of this neighborhood. Oh,

the crummy bars have been here for a long time. The growth of tattoo

parlors, body piercing shops and now a drug rehabilitation house is

too much to take.

How do we bring rebirth to the five-block area surrounding the


Newport Pier? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out. On

the one hand, we have bars, tattoo parlors and drug rehabilitation

houses and on the other we have a five-star resort.

Residents that really care about the future of the peninsula

should rejoice in resounding support for this Marinapark resort plan.

Give me a wealthy tourist over garbage and addicts any day. Please

hurry and build the thing.


Newport Beach

Drug dependency -- and rehab -- is Newport's issue

Once again I am appalled by the focus on property value over the

concerns of our fellow man. It's time for Newport Beach residents to

wipe the sand from their eyes and face reality.

If you visit a local courthouse or read a local paper, you must be

aware that Newport Beach residents are not immune from addiction

issues. When people are sick they need help and that help often comes

through rehabilitation homes. Fear, ignorance and the "move them

somewhere else" mentality will not solve the problem.

Many of us feel blessed to live in California and specifically

Newport Beach. I cannot believe that a prosperous city that provides

services for those in need will loose its popularity or property

values. It's time for Newport Beach residents to address the serious

addiction issues we know exist here and work together to be tolerant

and helpful to those in need.


Newport Beach

Cristich's miscue was 'of the highest magnitude'

The issue of the errant Cristi Cristich campaign flier claiming an

endorsement from Rep. Chris Cox reached an even higher level of

appall when the head of Cristich's political campaign claimed no

wrong was done.

How misinformed could he be? What the 70th Assembly District

voters want is a candidate with the passion of President Ronald

Reagan in their genes and the activism of Cox in their blood.

Cristich has proven she doesn't possess the biology.

Cristich has publicly stated she will personally spend what ever

it takes to win the election. Her multitude of colorful, misquoting

mailers attests to her claim. Again, it was a misconception of the

highest magnitude.

We all know it takes money to run a successful political campaign

but the source of funds should reflect the will of the majority.

California is well stocked with politicians who command personal

resources to fund their legitimacy and ultimately buy their elected

position. A shift from private, personal interests to issues of

public regard should be the theme for rejuvenating California's

foundation and international reputation.

When the March 2 primary election arrives, those of us in the 70th

District who really care will pass the mantel to a candidate

possessing keener judgment and a higher vision for the good of the



Newport Beach

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