Turning all to jelly

February 01, 2004

We must be missing something. People are actually excited about

thousands of jellyfish floating around in the waters by Cannery

Village? They're showing up by the docks and the restaurants, cameras

in hand, to catch a glimpse of the translucent, bobbing creatures?

Perhaps it's all the time we've spent in the ocean, but we don't

abide by creatures like jellyfish -- the most common of which belong

to the class Scyphozoan -- in these parts. We've felt the lashing


sting of a sea jelly as it floated past. And we knew that, despite

all "scientific" evidence to the contrary, these creatures are at

the mercy of the tide and currents -- dastardly sea monsters .

We could almost hear its laugh above our howls of pain.

But now these evil beasts are getting a warm welcome in Newport

Harbor. If it's somehow part of a plan to gather them all together

and cart them off -- gently and safely, of course, we're not about to

lower ourselves to their level -- then we're all for it.

Where exactly did the Grand Canal ducks end up?

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