"I remembered the angle and the next day, I walked out...

December 28, 2003

"I remembered the angle and the next day, I walked out there for a

look, and out of the blue in an open area is this igneous rock. There

are very few rocks in that open area and there's this rock that's got

a pitted front and a burn mark around it."

-- Rick Gorski, an Eastbluff resident, on finding what he believes

is an asteroid.

"The flight was nice -- not very crowded -- and the fares were



-- Mike Montgomery, of Texas, at John Wayne Airport on Christmas


"We're going to move. You can chisel that in stone."

-- Dan Marcheano, owner of the Arches, on plans to open a new

version of the popular eatery.

"People in this district are Republicans and conservatives, but

they have more of a positive, laid-back approach to things. They

don't really have the same rough edges around their philosophy as the

type of people Bob [Dornan] is used to representing. Our constituents

do not want someone to be demagogic in their approach. They want

someone to be a little more thoughtful."

-- Dana Rohrabacher, on his coming primary battle with former Rep.

Bob Dornan.

"I've been asking him what he wants, but he said it's a secret,

he'll only tell Santa. He really wanted to see Santa, and no one had

time to take him, so I thought I would."

-- Carole Meldau, on her grandson, 5-year-old Brian Robinson.

"But, ultimately, we succeeded."

-- Jim Ellis, Costa Mesa Fire chief, on fighting the Southern

California wildfires.

"There were rumors flying around like crazy. Someone was wondering

if this was a terrorist attack. Police officers evacuated restaurants

and asked everyone to leave."

-- Michelle Brittell, on an explosion and blackout at Fashion


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