Time for a plan for District 2

October 21, 2003


I believe that the privilege of citizenship in our society carries a

responsibility of public service. My wife, Jeri, and I have enjoyed

the benefits of living, recreating and working in Newport Beach for

27 years.

District No. 2 uniquely consists of some of the oldest areas, as

well as one of the largest undeveloped parcels (Banning Ranch) in the


city. The combination of aging infrastructure and growth issues

dictate that now is the time to devise a "game plan" for District No.


The Banning Ranch General Plan Amendment, some 20-plus years ago,

was my first experience with land use issues in the city. Initially

as co-chairman of the West Newport Legislative Alliance -- and later

independently -- I strove for a compatible balance among residential,

light industrial and commercial development with adequate

accommodation for traffic, recreation and open space, fire and police

protection and schools. The Banning Ranch remains an opportunity and

a concern for West Newport that, as an applicant to this position, I

am uniquely qualified to address.

As a planning commissioner, I was involved in several general plan

amendments and advocated certification of our Local Coastal Plan. I

have served the community in many and various capacities, which are

listed extensively in my application. I have demonstrated an ongoing

interest in, and understanding of, issues of importance to our city.

I founded Comstar Industries 16 years ago with one employee.

Today, Comstar is financially successful, employing 23 people with

annual sales well in excess of a million dollars. I have built and

managed the business myself; developed business plans and budgets;

financed long-term equipment loans and short-term lines of credit;

and signed vendor checks and payroll checks. I understand the

motivations and concerns of business owners and recognize their

importance to the community. I will work with the business community,

including those along Coast Highway -- at the western entrance to our

city -- to pursue revitalization and beautification similar to what

has been accomplished in other parts of town.

I want to put my experience, which is seasoned by many years of

continued interest and participation, to work for the city during the

current economic climate and ignite a revitalization of District No.


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