Thrice Bits

July 27, 2003


Thrice's drummer offers advice for those just starting out

* "Be true to yourself"

* "Don't be the next (insert band name here). Be your own band."

* "Write music for yourself first."

* "Don't ever say no to a show."

* "Play as much as possible."


* "Keep expectations low. There will be rough shows and hard

times. You have to make sacrifices."

* "Put yourself out there and see what happens."


When Riley's in town, he likes grubbing at The Gypsy Den at the

LAB Anti-Mall for lunch or Wahoo's for fish tacos.


The packaging for "The Artist In the Ambulance" is impressive. It

features a group of CD-sized pull-out cards that contain information

about each song on the record. Each band member gives their

impressions about the recording process of every track and each

song's meaning.

"We wanted to capture our feelings as soon as possible," Riley

said. "The songs you put down on CD are a snapshot of a band at the

time it was recorded."

"Hopefully, reading the notes with the record adds a depth to the

record as you listen to it. People can see where we're coming from."

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