"When you can get 100% of the youth teams to agree to...

July 27, 2003

"When you can get 100% of the youth teams to agree to increase their

fees, you know you have a program that is desperately needed."

-- Roy Englebrecht, Newport Beach Parks, Beaches and Recreation

commissioner, telling the Newport Beach City Council that a park

patrol program has plenty of support in the city

"I don't think Mineta can turn his back on something that is a

regional transportation issue."


-- Tom Naughton, president of the pro-El Toro Airport Working

Group, on how he wouldn't be surprised if to see Secretary of

Transportation Norman Mineta change his mind on grounding an airport

at the former El Toro Marine Base

"Once you're a Scout, you're always a Scout. It becomes a part of

your life."

-- Don Webb, Newport Beach city councilman, who arrived at the

50th anniversary of the 1953 Boy Scout Jamboree in Newport Beach in

full Eagle Scout dress

"It was my first trip to California, and I was impressed. I

thought to myself, 'Gee, when I grow up, I wanna live here.' Now I


-- Mike Sampson, a Newport Coast resident, on how he traveled from

Oregon to Newport for the jamboree in 1953 and fell in love with the


"One part says the cities have control over their property, then

other parts say [the conservancy] can sue, and other parts go into

all the details of the authority the [conservancy] has. It appears to

contradict itself in that nature as to who really has the final say

in those areas."

-- Allan Mansoor, Costa Mesa city councilman, on how it's

difficult to determine whether a Santa Ana River Conservancy would

provide much local control

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