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A change for the Orange County Market Place Bring on...

July 22, 2003

outdoor playground and an estimate of more than 100 kids under 12

years old.

City fathers, think about the kids.

Think about the reasons for density limits. Why were these rules

and regulations created over the years? They worked.


Pacific Coast Realty Group


Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa character needs protecting

Costa Mesa just celebrated its 50th year as a city with small-town

charm where young families come to raise their children. Yet Planning

Commissioner Katrina Foley feels "there's not going to be support for

just a zoning overlay on the Eastside" unless the city looks at

"making different neighborhoods unique" and takes into consideration

the "unique character of the different neighborhoods" ("Fine lines

still divide home expansions," July 14).

When one considers that the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego,

Laguna Beach and Orange all use overlay zones to preserve and enhance

the unique character of their distinct local neighborhoods, one has

to ask -- why not Costa Mesa?

What were we celebrating over there at the Fairgrounds? Irvine?


Costa Mesa

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