Check Yourself

June 29, 2003

The National Council on Fireworks Safety annually releases a

checklist for fireworks enthusiasts. So before you light that

firework, take a gander at these ways to protect yourself and stay


* Always read and follow directions on the label

* Have an adult supervise all fireworks activities

* Buy from reliable sources


* Ignite outdoors, away from buildings and vehicles

* Keep a bucket of water handy

* Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks

* Light fireworks one at a time

* Never reignite malfunctioning fireworks

* Store fireworks in a cool, dry place

* Never throw fireworks at another person

* Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers

* Eye protection should always be worn by the fireworks shooter

* No part of the shooter's body should be over the firework

For more information, check out


"Safe and sane" fireworks are the only legal fireworks in

California. Using fireworks unsafely or setting off illegal fireworks

can cause fires and injuries. The Costa Mesa Fire Department provided

this list of fireworks that are illegal and may not be sold,

possessed or discharged in California.

* Cherry bombs

* Aerial bombs

* Bottle rockets

* Roman candles

* M-80 salutes

* Firecrackers

* Mail-order kits intended for producing explosive fireworks

* Sparklers (wood or metal core)


If you're not sure if your fireworks are "safe and sane," the

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has put

together a 40-page document available online that lists every

firework that has been approved by the state fire marshal's office.

It's long, but very informative. If you've purchased these types of

fireworks with the "safe and sane" seal of approval, you're in the


* Fountains

* Cone fountains

* Handheld candles

* Smoke candles and boxes

* Spinners

* Wheels

* Whistlers

* Snap caps

* Party poppers

To download your own document, go to


If you live in Newport Beach, you won't be able to have a home

fireworks show. No need to fear, the big party's at the beach. The

Newport Dunes and the city will sponsor the 44th annual Fireworks

Extravaganza on the Fourth of July. There's a gaggle of activities

planned, so here's what you need to know.

* Where's it at? 1131 Back Bay Drive, one block from the corner of

Coast Highway and Jamboree Road

* When do I get there? Gates open at 7 a.m.

* When does the fun start? Activities begin at 10 a.m. with that

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