Making changes takes a little faith

June 29, 2003


Does anyone really like it? I know our readers really don't.

Since we made changes to our features section the first part of

this month, I've received several calls and e-mails complaining about

the decision to move the Faith page from Page 2 to deeper inside the


The message of the callers was that we had relegated religion to a


less-than-important topic with our actions.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, let's talk about the feature that we placed on Page 2 on

Saturdays instead of Faith.

The page is called Boomers and Beyond and it is dedicated to

activities and stories from the older set in town, something that was

missing from our pages in years past.

A large portion of the Daily Pilot readership falls in that older

category, so we believed it was time we gave them more reasons to

read the paper.

Just a side note: I have to admit that the title of the page

didn't come from one of our newsroom staffers, but from Melissa

Adams, a Newport Beach library staffer.

Adams has been writing our Check It Out library book feature for

years. And one day she was in my office and we were talking about the

new feature page we wanted to start for seniors.

I mentioned to her that many Baby Boomers were now becoming

seniors themselves, but that they disliked that descriptor. So we

were trying to come up with a name for the page that would encompass

all those of advancing age.

You know, people who hit let's say, 50, but they aren't ready to

give up golf for shuffleboard yet.

That's when she suggested the name Boomers and Beyond and it


Thanks, Melissa.

Page 2 seemed like a natural place to start it. But even more, we

wanted to add to our religion coverage that already features the

great work of Cindy Trane Christeson's long-running column The Moral

of the Story.

So I picked up a feature that we are doing in another of our

papers called In Theory. Each week, we will ask local clergyman some

of the burning questions of the day and get their feedback.

In addition to that, we will have an expanded faith calendar,

giving churches and religious groups a better shot at seeing their

activities get in the paper. In addition, we hope to expand the

religion coverage with stories on churches or church leaders or

church groups that will team up with our weekly features.

I think religious leaders will see more coverage not less,

something that is not possible to accomplish with the limited space

we have on Page 2.

So I know, change is hard. But I have faith, that in time, our

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