Keeping dogs and their owners happy

March 27, 2003

Dogs -- like children -- need love, guidance, socialization and


When we bring a dog into our home, we actually don't want them

acting much like a dog. Otherwise, it would be perfectly fine for

them to chew, tear, shred and go to the bathroom wherever they saw


Good Dog University owners Michael and Angela Grier learned that


more than 85% of dogs in shelters are there due to behavioral

problems. They wanted to circumvent such problems by offering pet

parents a strong support system, while teaching them how to be their

own dog's trainer.

"It is our clients that will be living with their pet 365 days a

year for 12 or more years, so it's only logical that they should be

the ones that their dog looks up to as their trainer," Michael Grier


Through their mutual charity work, the Griers met animal behavior

consultant Jamye Rogers. She spearheads the Pick-A-Pet Foundation and

co-hosts the local cable program, the Pick-A-Pet Show. While the

foundation takes care of the medical bills and extends the lives of

the shelter animals by paying for their temporary boarding, the cable

show features them for adoption.

When a dog is enrolled in a Good Dog University program, a portion

of the tuition is allocated to help animals in need. Their advanced

training qualifications were earned through the Certification Council

of Pet Dog Trainers, the California State Humane Academy, the

Pasadena & American Humane Associations and the American Kennel Club.

Michael Grier is one of only two trainers in Orange County who is

recognized as a CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer) through the

Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainers.

Call Good Dog University at (949) 631-2720.

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