Center for Spiritual Discovery

December 28, 2002

* Address: 2850 Mesa Verde Drive East, Suite 111, Costa Mesa

* Telephone: (714) 754-7399

* Service times: 9:30 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Sunday * Ministers: The Rev. James Turrell, lead minister; The Rev.

Kathleen Scott, assistant minister

* Size of congregation: 250

* Child care: Licensed and bonded child-care professionals are

available during both services


* Type of worship: The services open with an upbeat musical

presentation by the church's professional six-piece jazz/blues band

with piano, bass, drums, synthesizer, guitar and saxophone. Two songs

led by Scott follow the opening music.

Music is a big part of the services and sets the tone for the

morning's message. Turrell delivers the message after a time of

affirmative prayer and a song by a guest soloist. The guest artist

performs another musical offering after the message, and the service

concludes with the "Peace Song" or the upbeat gospel-style song "I


* Message: Turrell's messages are always centered on ways to

realize and practice the principles of love, peace, joy, harmony,

forgiveness and unity. The teachings of the church are inclusive and

honor all the world's great spiritual teachings. It draws from their

wisdom while maintaining a focus on the practice of affirmative

prayer. The need to honor all people as expressions of the Divine

Presence, whatever their awareness of that truth may be, is


"Through the practice of unconditional love, affirmative prayer,

the continuous study of spiritual principles and service to others,

we believe it is possible to stay peaceful and centered -- no matter

what is occurring -- and to be of real assistance others in their

awakening to the positive and powerful goodness within themselves,"

Scott said.

* Recent messages: Turrell spoke on "Awakening the Consciousness

of Peace," using the principles discussed in Don Miguel Ruiz's "The

Four Agreements" to demonstrate how this can be accomplished.

* Upcoming messages: From now until the New Year, the church has

aprogram called "PAX 2K" -- "pax" from the Latin word for peace and

2K referring to the new century. During this time, Turrell's messages

will focus on practical ways in which peace can be a daily

experience, regardless of circumstances.

* Church programs: The church offers eight-week classes

throughout the year, in addition to periodic three- and four-week

classes. Turrell is teaching a three-week class titled "Visionary."

The class meets Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. and Wednesday

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