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Deirdre Newman It seemed like such a simple idea...

November 29, 2002

donors. Klunder and his network of good Samaritans donate the bounty

directly to four social service agencies. Sometimes those

organizations then donate their excess portions to other agencies as

Klunder's goodwill gestures ripple throughout the community.

His network includes 18 students at Corona del Mar High School who

help with the organization and earn community service credit for

doing so. His right-hand-man is senior Patrick Ahearn, 17, the


organization's assistant director.

"I think sometimes Corona del Mar gets a reputation of not being

socially conscious and being superficial, but this serves to refute

that theory," Klunder said.

The amount of time Klunder and his helpers spend picking up and

delivering food varies each week, depending on the time of year.

Sometimes it can be as little as once a week. Other times it can be

three times a day. And it does require a willingness to be available

at all hours as pick-ups are scheduled as early as 5:30 a.m. or as

late as 11 p.m., Klunder said.

Weiland, who watched as Klunder's idea blossomed, said she is

impressed with his dogged determination to help others.

"He's very, very focused and motivated and no matter what, nothing

was going to stop him," Weiland said. "He came in and said what he

was going to do and it sounded huge and overwhelming, but I think

it's been successful. It's really unique."

Since Klunder is planning on going to college next year, he is

looking for someone to take over the reins of his organization. His

father, Carl, said he would also like to see his son's contribution

to the community continue.

"The more accounts he gets, the more kids will get involved, so

when he goes off next year to college, it's still thriving here,"

Carl said.

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