Lighthouse Coastal Community Church

November 16, 2002

* Address: 301 Magnolia St., Costa Mesa

* Telephone: (949) 631-3010

* E-mail address:

* Web site:

* Denomination: Nondenominational/evangelical

* Year church established: In October of 1998, two Costa Mesa

congregations merged to form what is now Lighthouse Coastal Community



* Service times: From 9 to 9:50 a.m. Sunday, small groups of all

ages meet for a Bible enrichment hour. From 9:50 to 10:10 a.m., there

is a break for doughnuts and coffee. Worship begins at 10:15 a.m.

* Pastoral staff: The Rev. Leigh Harrison, lead pastor; Frank

Custer, associate pastor, children's pastor and administration; Jeff

Watson, worship and outreach director; Tyler Molway, youth director

* Size of congregation: 250 to 300 adults

* Makeup of congregation: Primarily 30- to 50-year-old adults

with families. There is also a small, active group of adults 55 and


* Child care: Child care is provided for all services and at most

small ministry functions.

* Type of worship: The worship is a prayer-filled and practical

presentation of God's word that includes the use of video, drama,

testimonies and songs to support the week's biblical message.

* Type of sermons: The pastor aims to make his messages

biblically purposeful. He seeks to convey the meaning of each

scriptural text as the author intended it for those he wrote. He then

provides a contemporary, practical application drawn on the text.

Messages address current issues that people find themselves dealing

with in daily life. An extensive study guide for each message,

complete with scriptures and insights, is provided in the Sunday


* Recent sermons: Harrison just completed a study on 1 Peter

titled "Making Suffering Purposeful." The practical application of

the study focused on using life's struggles as a means of growth and

as a way to develop a stronger relationship with God and others.

* Upcoming sermons: A new series for the Christmas season is

planned, called "Christmas a Time for Meaningful Joy!"

* Mission statement: The church's mission is "to lead people to

develop a personal, passionate and productive relationship with

Jesus, God's son." Harrison says the church is focused on providing

biblical insight and practical direction for all ages through a

contemporary style and a focus on "transparency and realness."

* Vision statement: "We are called to worship God as we lead

others to know Jesus the Christ and become a member of His family, to

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