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Paving the way to annexation(s)

August 25, 2002

and put a stamp on it and send it, I don't think it would probably

generate enough of a percentage, which must be 25% to put it to a


It has to be 51% or more for a vote to make it happen or not

happen. I think they could come up with the 51% to kill it. I'm not

quite sure they could come up with the 25% who would sit down and

write letters. If there are 1,000 residents up here, 25% would be 250


people. I don't know if you could get 250 people to write that


And I think it's time. It's something that's going to happen

eventually. I've listened to the pros. I've listened to the cons. We

have [Newport Beach's] name. When we got a Post Office zip code

change to 92660, we became Newport Beach.

So James writes me a letter on Birch Street, he doesn't put Santa

Ana Heights. He puts Newport Beach. So as far as our mail's

concerned, we are Newport Beach. So in a sense, we have their name.

And, like I told the City Council one time and I don't know if they

appreciated it because it's true, do we really need their government?

Now, eventually, I think it's going to happen. We have, I think,

struck a reasonable deal. We did, similar to Newport Coast, sit down

with the city. We've expressed our concerns, optimism, support and we

have asked for certain considerations that they might be willing to

agree to. And I think they have finally come around to a point where

they agree with 14 or 15 of those. And if they've agreed to them, why

not do it now? We've spent a lot of time, money and effort just to

get to us this far. So why not now? About 10 years from now, we might

not get this good of a deal.

We're going to live with an airport, so the airport's not really

the issue. People felt at one point that it improved our chances of

having better input into the number of flights [as a flight takes off

overhead] out of John Wayne Airport. I think since El Toro airport

has gone sideways on everybody and we're going to now offer to

consider 1.4 million more passengers per year and another four gates

in order to keep some type of restrictions on the airport. We're

willing to concede this to keep this. I don't know if that's dancing

with the devil or not. It could be a little bit. If we get this much

this time, how much is it going to be next time. If the FAA said they

could have as many flights as they want and you could do it 24 hours

a day, seven days a week, they could make that happen. It'll make a

lot of people very angry, but it's a possibility.

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