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From a killing, a fraud ring emerges

May 30, 2002

Ramadan Dokovic helped federal agents arrest his nephew in a bank

fraud case. As a result, Mike Dokovic received jail time and deportation,

while Ramadan received probation and then relocated to California.

But, as both prosecution and defense attorneys said in their opening

arguments, Mike Dokovic found his way back into the United States and

walked right back into a lifestyle he was familiar and comfortable with.

He allegedly spearheaded a fraud ring in Newport Beach that faked


credit cards and used them to buy expensive food, clothing and jewelry.

Mike Dokovic and associate Amo Dokovic, also known as Hamdja

Frljuckic, are named in a federal arrest warrant filed in the U.S.

District Court in Santa Ana on Nov. 15, 2001.

Since the shooting, however, authorities don't know the whereabouts of

either Mike or Amo Dokovic.

An affidavit filed in the case by Secret Service agents details the

fraudulent scheme allegedly employed by Mike Dokovic at the Golden

Truffle Restaurant in Costa Mesa.

Investigators were able to track down Mike Dokovic and his associates

by reviewing cardholder transaction history from recovered counterfeit

credit cards and purchase receipts recovered from Maric's Newport Beach


The affidavit says a waiter at Golden Truffle admitted he stole credit

card account numbers from patrons and gave them to Mike Dokovic in

exchange for $300.

The waiter told investigators that Dokovic offered him the money and

provided him with a hand-held device known as a "skimmer," with which he

could swipe a customer's credit card and copy account information.

The waiter admitted to skimming between 40 and 60 credit card numbers

in about a week and a half. He then passed on the skimmer with the

information to Mike Dokovic, he said.

Investigators said in their report that such information is later

downloaded into a computer and the stolen account information is put into

counterfeit credit cards that are then used to conduct fraudulent


Both Maric and Mike Dokovic were arrested by Newport Beach police in

March 2001, when they allegedly tried to buy clothing with counterfeit

American Express cards.

Federal investigators believe the fraud loss associated with the

Golden Truffle Restaurant alone, as reported by five credit card

companies, amounts to about $302,000.

Alan Greeley, owner of the Golden Truffle Restaurant, said he was

"shocked" to learn that he could be a victim of the fraud ring, some of

whom were his customers.

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