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News analysis -- Bill raises immigration concerns

March 27, 2002

would do something to get rid of the organizations that offer free food,

and medical and financial assistance to immigrants.

"Things are out of control, but I'm only one vote," Steel said.

Allan Mansoor, who will be a likely candidate for the City Council in

November and someone Steel hopes will vote his way, said Bush's proposed

legislation is not the answer to the city's problems with illegal



Mansoor, whose parents are immigrants, says he supports legal

immigration, followed by assimilation. Too many conflicts -- with

language and culture -- are created by people who function in a separate

community and never interact with general society.

"When you have such huge numbers of illegal immigrants, you don't have

people assimilating. They don't learn the language or learn about our

country or want to become American," Mansoor said. "When you have people

coming here illegally, they lose out on all that this country has to

offer, and that hurts them as much as the rest of us."

The immigration bill narrowly passed in the House of Representatives

earlier this month and is up for a vote in the Senate.

A border security bill was added in an effort to gain bipartisan

support but may block the bill's chances in the Democrat-controlled

Senate. The security portion of the combined bill would boost the pay of

border patrol agents and allow the Immigration and Naturalization Service

to hire 200 new investigators and another 200 inspectors.

Bush was hoping for a vote before next week, but the bill has been

blocked in the Senate and the vote delayed.

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