Surf and Sun

March 16, 2002


Another windy, sunny day in store. The morning will start off chilly

in the high 40s, with the wind quickly picking up to 10 miles per hour or

more. Our early afternoon highs will only be about 60, with a steady wind

of nearly 20 miles per hour and gusts past 30.

The winds will stay strong after the sun sets and we quickly fall

through the 50s.


Information:o7 www.nws.noaa.govf7 .


Those winds will still be blowing today on our inner waters, starting

at 10 to 15 knots from the northwest and then increasing to 15 to 25

knots by the afternoon. The waves will be 2 to 4 feet on a west swell of

4 to 7 feet. Stays the same well into the night.

The outer waters will see even stronger winds, sometimes blowing at 30

knots. The waves will be heavy, at 3- to 5-feet on a big northwest swell

of 10 to 12 feet. Night sees no change.


This over-hyped swell from the northwest is backing down a bit today.

Much of Newport will see chest or so high waves. But the shape isn't

living up to expectations. It should be a bit cleaner today, though.

Water quality:o7 www.surfrider.orgf7 .


Time Height

4:12 a.m. 0.8 low

10:11 a.m. 4.3 high

4:14 p.m. 0.8 low

10:27 p.m. 4.6 high




Sun's rays take flight today easily on the wind. See Page A2

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