Readers Respond: AT&T cable not making good connection

January 01, 2002

* EDITOR'S NOTE: On Friday, the Daily Pilot ran a story in which Costa

Mesa residents complained about their AT&T Broadband service, "Cable woes

have customers lining up for change." Since then, we've received nearly

50 e-mails and hotline calls about cable woes and the problems viewers

are having, not one has been favorable toward AT&T Broadband. The

following are a few of the responses we have received:

I can answer the question from Friday's article with one word:




Costa Mesa

To put it mildly, AT&T Broadband service stinks. As I write at this

moment, I am unable to connect to the Internet via AT&T. I am using an

alternate telephone line that I had installed so that I can get on the

Internet when AT&T fails, which it has this week for the second time. My

husband pays the cable bill with the Internet -- he doesn't use the

Internet. I do every single day. He pays $50 a month plus some

ticky-tacky charges (I don't have the bill in front of me).

If I were paying it, I would deduct $2 a day for no Internet service.

I do business on the Internet and need the computer every day. Since I

had to install a second telephone line just because AT&T is so

unreliable, I would deduct the price of the telephone line also -- the

line is only used for the Internet.

Not too long ago, I had no Internet service for four days. Needless to

say, AT&T is the only Internet service that I can get -- no other is

available. Pitiful.


Costa Mesa

My problem with AT&T started when trying to call in for new service. I

was on hold for 47 minutes and had numerous problems with AT&T since. A

second time I had to call AT&T I was on hold for 56 minutes and then was

told that they had to transfer me to another department. At that point,

the call was disconnected.

If I had not already paid the installation fees, I would have

canceled. If I have one more problem with their service, I will defiantly

be moving on. That's if I can get ahold of them.

You know a company is not doing a good job when you go to a holiday

luncheon and the topic is the horrible service that they provide.

I tell all my friends about the lousy customer service and problems I

have had with AT&T just to make sure they don't have to go through the

experience that I have had to.


Costa Mesa

NOTE: Look for more responses in Thursday's Community Forum page.

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