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Talk about entertaining...

December 29, 2001

dream, how are you going to have a dream to come true? If you're going to

have a dream, might as well have a good one."

-- George Rothman, Irvine playwright and retired dentist, on his

future plans. Orange Coast College students performed Rothman's one-act,

"Where Were You On Your Ninth Birthday?", in late January.


Mickey Rooney: "That's a terrific mouse, Mr. Disney."


Walt Disney: "How would you like it if I named this after you?"

Mickey Rooney: "That's fine, but I gotta get a cheese sandwich down

the corner."

-- Mickey Rooney, actor, recounting how Mickey Mouse got his name.

Rooney performed at Orange Coast College in May.

"I feel like the one thing you have to do when you do 'Much Ado' is

you have to have heels -- there's something about the language and


-- Nike Doukas, who played Beatrice, on the '30s style used in South

Coast Repertory's production of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" in


"It was horrible. I bugged my mom for fiddle lessons."

-- Eileen Ivers, violinist famed for her role in "Riverdance," on her

parents' insistence that she learn Irish step-dancing. Ivers performed

with the Pacific Symphony Pops in December.

"It was a great place to write a novel about book burning, in the

library basement."

-- Ray Bradbury, author, on completing "Fahreheit 451" in the basement

of UCLA's library. Bradbury lectured at the Newport Beach Public Library

in November.

"I've heard people say that with crime novels, there are people who

prefer to read detective crime novels before they go to a new city,

instead of reading travel books."

-- Pamela Briggs, director of "Women in Mystery," on the lessons to be

learned from reading crime fiction. Her documentary featuring Marcia

Muller, Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky was screened at the Newport Beach

Central Library in March.

"Every theater I called, I had to say, 'I'm doing the Scottish Opera.'


-- Joel Berlin, costume designer, on the caution he had to use when

talking about the Verdi opera "MacBeth," which was performed by Opera

Pacific in January. In theater, "MacBeth" is considered to be a cursed

play, and it is bad luck to say its proper name.

"Producers, directors, designers and board members, they're all people

who have their own particular frame of reference, and for whatever

reason, they dream as they dream. And I realize that sometimes my face

may not be a part of their vision, so I have to work very, very hard in

what I do and in my commitment to what I do."

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