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Talk about entertaining...

December 29, 2001

his art. The Brooklyn native's cast glass sculptures were on display at

the Orange County Museum of Art.

"It's a really beautiful and incredible experience when an image stops

and you see it moving, or your brain says it's moving but it's not."

-- Jennifer Steinkamp, artist, describing her video work "X-Ray Eyes,"

which she co-created with artist Jimmy Johnson. In March, the abstract

computer animation was part of "One Wall: A Video Series" at the Orange


County Museum of Art.


"Life is really about your family and your niece and nephew and

friends. Entertainment is incredibly rewarding, but it's not everything."

-- Kristin Chenoweth, singer and actress, on keeping herself grounded.

Chenoweth, who won a Tony Award as Sally in "You're A Good Man, Charlie

Brown," performed at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in January.

"If the aging process isn't about growing wiser, then what is its

purpose? If we don't learn from our mistakes and all the other things

around us that permit us to learn, then shame on us."

-- Barton C. Friedberg, teacher of a class unofficially titled

"Reading Shakespeare" at the Balboa Performing Arts Theater, on learning

about the Bard's works at a late age.

"Any day above ground is a good one."

-- Malachy McCourt, author and actor, on life. McCourt, who wrote

"Singing My Him Son," appeared at the Newport Beach Central Library in


"When I was a little kid living in the cotton field, if you didn't go

out there and pick your own [darn] piece of cotton, you didn't get your

piece. Why are we in general asking others to help us? God helps those

who help themselves."

-- Eartha Kitt, actress, on her philosophy for life. In June, Kitt

played the fairy godmother in "Cinderella" at the Orange County

Performing Arts Center.

"We're caught up in computers, we're tied up with the television, and

instead of hugging or giving a kiss, we just sit in front of the TV and

watch the color of the channel."

-- Lee Mallory, Newport Beach poet, on his belief that technology is

estranging us from one another. Mallory organized a Valentine's

Day-inspired poetry contest at Alta Coffee House.

"I just think, when you play music or you do something that you love,

that's your passion already, and you can't help but be passionate about


-- Regina Carter, violinist, on her passionate, almost aggressive and

furious performance style. Carter performed in February at the Orange

County Performing Arts Center.

"I'm going to win the Tony and the Pulitzer Prize. If you don't have a

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