Airport Debate

December 20, 2001

Supervisors hinder JWA restriction extensions

I am in favor of extending the flight restrictions at John Wayne

("Newport heartened by response to JWA mailing," Dec. 6). Perhaps one way

to do that would be to get rid of Supervisors Todd Spitzer and Tom

Wilson. I think that they're really a drag on the area that we live in.

Wilson was supposed to represent us, but I don't think he did.



Newport Beach

Let there be an El Toro airport

I'm for the decision to extend the standing, present agreement as to

the John Wayne Airport. I am also for having an airport developed or to

continue to develop an airport at El Toro, as an airport to alleviate us

down here since we are taking the flack from the carbon monoxide

distribution that's being dropped all over the place as they are. So I am

for an airport at El Toro. Thanks very much. That's my opinion.


Balboa Island

V-plan could create an El Toro airport

"Newport heartened by response to JWA mailing" (Dec. 6) made me think

of a sad story. Remember the story about the Dutch Boy who put his finger

in a hole in the dike? He saved the day by doing so. It seems to me there

can be all the restrictions put on John Wayne Airport, but JWA can't

handle large aircraft.

Therefore, restrictions, like the Dutch Boy's finger, is a temporary

fix. Down the road, JWA will expand. That's sad when you have enough land

to have an international, first-class airport at El Toro, and with the

proper planning such as the V-plan, citizens can live in harmony with an

El Toro airport. JWA could continue as it started out, to be

accommodating smaller aircraft and private aircraft. What's so hard to

figure that out? Most likely, the other crowds will call it a no-brainer.

But then they won't be around to see the mess they've made.


Santa Ana Heights

Restrictions should not be lifted nor extended

As a resident of Balboa Island, I am very concerned regarding the

extension of the flight restrictions at John Wayne Airport. It might seem

as if I am against the proposed increased flights due to the fact that I

am under the flight path. This is partially true.

As a taxpayer, I feel it is crazy for any city to have a flight path

over the most expensive homes in its tax base. Also, if we go back to

when the flight restrictions were initially imposed, under no stretch of

the imagination was it envisioned that the restrictions would ever be

increased or lifted, but at the time they were a temporary stopgap

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