Readers Respond -- Residents discuss what's in a flag

November 27, 2001

Hogwash! "A lesson in semantics . . ." indeed. Can't you get off the

politically correct attempt to be all things to all people and take a

sincere, reasoned position instead ("Flag's meaning can't be ignored,"


The public, both those "victimized" and others not quite so

supersensitive and shallow, would have been much better served had you

rerun Byron de Arakal's published column on the whole ridiculous affair


("Civil War requiem wasn't whistling Dixie," Wednesday).


Costa Mesa

I have been going to Newport Harbor football games since 1983. Our

three children graduated from this fine school, our two girls were

cheerleaders and my son played on the team in 1993. The Nov. 9 game was

one of the finest games I have had the pleasure to attend.

This joy and pride was demolished by the insensitive halftime show

("Newport Harbor High apologies for halftime show," Nov. 15). Someone

needs to attend diversity training classes.


Newport Beach

As a graduate of Newport Harbor High School and its music program, I

closely follow the news surrounding my alma mater. I am quite surprised

at the attention that this year's marching show is receiving this late in

the season, and must ask "Why is this legitimate representation of an

integral part of our history causing so much controversy while the

sexually suggestive, inappropriate, mature-viewers-only content of the

cheer squad 'dances' not being equally examined?"

The answer is really quite simple: Sex sells, Confederate flags do

not. Some might suggest that the Confederate flag is degrading to the

African American population of this country. . . . What then is said of

the cheer squads dances being humiliating and degrading to women? I must

remind myself that challenging the cheer and athletic programs in this

city could be likened to challenging God Himself. For he who dares to

challenge God most assuredly will not win.

Those programs that bring home the championship banners to line the

gym, fill seats and bring home national titles, control the eyes, ears

and pocket books of an old liberal city that lines up on Friday nights to

pay homage to the almighty football empire. But as Rome fell, so will

they, and all the while the patient and talented musicians in the music

program wait for their equal opportunity to shine brightly.

Great controversy has often surrounded the Confederate flag as it

represents a less than happy-go-lucky era of our great nation's history.

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